Sash Windows


The sash windows add wonderful charm and character to period properties. But over the years, even if you’ve maintained your windows, problems can develop which can make life less comfortable. Whether you’re suffering with draughts, rattles, rotten frames, worn sash cords or cracked glazing – or you’re thinking about double glazed or new sash windows – we can help.

Sash Windows

If restoration or repair of your original timber windows is not an option, we can craft new sash windows for your property.

Sash windows open and close via a sliding motion. This involves two sash panels vertically or horizontally sliding to create an opening. You can choose a sash window that only has a bottom or top sliding panel, or more traditionally, one that enables both sash panels to slide.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open by a hinge and they usually open and close just like a door. Casement windows are fairly energy efficient due to their virtually airtight lock and compression seal.

Draught Proofing

Reduce draughts and rattles from your sash and casement windows.

In order to draught proof or draught seal, we will seal gaps that have formed around your window and frame. If your windows are not draught proofed this may lead to dust, dirt, cold air and noise entering your home. Draught proofing also helps with the smooth running of your sash windows. It also means savings on energy bills by keeping the hot air in, and the cold air out in the cold months.

How Does a Sash Window Work?

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Fred and his team did a great job restoring our sash windows. They were all really friendly and were clearly passionate about their work. They left the house really tidy . I would recommend Fred and his team to anyone looking to complete work on their windows.


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